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Master of Social Work-University of Illinois at Chicago, 1998

Bachelor of Liberal Arts-University of Michigan, 1991


Work Experience;

Private Practice LCSW Therapist 2009-Present

IsrAaid Psychosocial Specialist in Sierra Leone 2015

Rush NeuroBehavioral Center LCSW Therapist 2006-2009

School Social Worker LCSW 1998-2006

Council for Jewish Elderly MSW Case Manager 1994-1998



I have worked for over 20 years in many different environments as a social worker.  I have worked with the elderly helping them get the services they need and deserve.  I have worked in schools with children and their families with social emotional and learning needs.  I have worked with children, adolescents, families, parents, and adults in private practice as a licensed clinical social worker.  This work has been done individually, in groups, with families, and with other professionals to help the people I work with define their goals, meet their goals, and help them to become happy producitve individuals, families, and parents.




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